Planung und Anlagentechnik

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45699 Herten

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  • Test run and start-up of two pre-heat track lines.
    Block D and E each 300MW, KW-Reuter-West in Berlin.
    Pre-heat track lines consisting of:
    • 4 x ND-pre-heaters .
    • 4 x HD-pre-heaters.
    • 1 x drinking water tank with STORCK-Lemonade.
    • 4 x Drainage control units for ND- und HD-pre-heaters.
    • 4 x Emergency drainage control units for ND- und HD-pre-heaters.
  • Start-up of a condenser unit for a steam turbine in the ALU-factory in Lünen.
  • Construction of and supply of 4 purifying systems for air-cooled condensers (LUKO) to KW-Nord BASF Ludwigshafen.
  • Construction for and supply of 6 purifying units for air-cooled condensers (LUKO) to MVA Stappelfeld.
  • Construction of 2 surface condensers (with 20to each) for two steam turbines for GEA- Berlin.
  • Construction and supply of 2 mobile wash water units for gas compressors of the plants NEELOFF and NOROFF in Norway.
  • Construction and supply of a leaking steam condenser for steam turbine of the plant KAAX (MAN)
  • Construction and supply of a surface condenser unit for gland steam from 6 steam turbines for Etylanlage BÖHLEN (Ordered by BÖLPROP)
    Unit consisting of:
    • Surface condenser.
    • Condensate tank.
    • Radiator condenser for the evacuation unit.
    • 2 x condensate pumps.
    • Discharge and circulation control unit.
  • Construction and supply of two condensate pumps SKIDS for the plant BARAUNI in India.
    1 x Condensate pumps - Skid with E-motor-drive.
    1 x Condensate pumps - Skid with steam turbine drive.