Planung und Anlagentechnik

Schubertstraße 2
45699 Herten

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About us

PBP Planung und Anlagentechnik is an independent and internationally operating company which will meet the highest requirements, due to a multitude of experiences made in the planning, construction supervision and the start-up of plants for nuclear power stations and for the chemical industry. Consequently, PBP Bochum is your competent partner regarding plant engineering for both nuclear power technology, apparatus engineering and process (chemical) engineering.

The product range of PBP Planung und Anlagentechnik includes heat exchangers, condensers, gland-steam condensers for steam turbines, wash water units for air compressors and gas turbines, injection systems for gas compressors and gas turbines, complete condensation plants for steam turbines, pre-heaters, condensate pump stations, condensate tanks, condensate control systems for discharge and circulation, drain valves, purifying plants for air-cooled condensers (LUKO).

On the following pages we would like to present an extract of the range of services rendered by PBP Planung und Anlagentechnik Bochum.