Planung und Anlagentechnik

Schubertstraße 2
45699 Herten

Phone: +49 2366.504 4016
Telefax: +49 2366.504 4017




  • Engineering designs and calculations for plant components
  • Issue of installation diagrams
  • Production drawings (2D, 3D)
  • Projektzeichnungen und Layouts
  • Piping diagrams and isometry
  • Evaluation of heat exchangers and heat recovery plants
  • Complete construction of cooler units
  • Electro-Technics (amongst others circuit diagram, installation schema, clamp diagrams)
  • MSR-technology (amongst others flow charts, measuring circuit drawings,
    lists of instruments)

Plant and apparatus engineering

  • Pipes for power plants
  • Heat exchangers
  • Engineering heat exchangers
  • Instruction manuals
  • Pressure tanks
  • Drain valves
  • Sprinkler systems for LUKO

MSR- / Electro-Technics

  • Planning, engineering and order processing
  • Proceeding-/R & I-flow diagrams and measuring circuit drawings
  • Lists of instruments and functions, lists of equipment
  • Circuit diagrams and installation diagrams with signal listings
  • Cabinet drawings and clamp connection plans
  • Control schema and control descriptions
  • Calculations of fittings and differential pressure gauging